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Carolines Drinks

Fruit Lovers - Pre + Probiotic Sodas (12-Pack)

Fruit Lovers - Pre + Probiotic Sodas (12-Pack)

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Fruit Lovers - Pre + Probiotic Sodas (12-Pack)

Buy 4 bottles of our 3 fruit flavours. Delivered straight to your door.

🍑 4x Passionfruit Pre + Probiotic Soda

🍓 4x Ripe Raspberry Pre + Probiotic Soda

🍏 4x Apple Blackcurrant Pre + Probiotic Soda

Insanely delicious sugar-free sodas. Supercharged with synbiotics a blend of pre + probiotics which remain active to keep you feeling great, from the inside out.

Choose Flavour, Not Alcohol 🍑🥝🍉🍋 

Join the thousands enjoying Caroline's Pre + Probiotic Soda for a sober soda, that's packed with REAL fruit flavours! Plus, each drink has 9 calories or less! 😍

✅ No Sugar

✅ Amazing Taste

✅ Low Calories

✅ All Natural & Gut Loving

✅ 200 Million CFU Live Probiotics

✅ Vegan Friendly

Formulated using Bio Az synbiotic blend of prebiotics from chicory root inulin and soluble fibre, and 200M cfu probiotic count of Bacillus Subtilis. Bio Az has been shown to support and improve digestive health and the growth of beneficial bacteria.

We believe a happy gut means a happier you. The link between digestive health and overall well-being is why we created our gut-loving sodas.

💜 Passionfruit Pre + Probiotic Soda

Tangy passionfruit bursting with a sweet tropical flavour delivers summer to your tastebuds year round.

💚 Apple Blackcurrant Pre + Probiotic Soda

Deliciously sweet blackcurrant and crisp green apple is the taste of Tasmania in a bottle.

❤️ Ripe Raspberry Pre + Probiotic Soda

Sweet and jammy, bursting with the juicy goodness of ripe raspberries. One sip is never enough.

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Everything You Need To Know

Caroline's Drinks FAQs

Are Caroline’s Drinks sugar free?

Caroline’s Drinks are completely sugar free. Our delicious Pre + Probiotic sodas are naturally sweetened with plant based sweeteners (Erythritol and Stevia).

Are Caroline’s Drinks safe for kids?

YES! Caroline’s Drinks are a fantastic alternative to traditional soft drinks!

What ingredients are used in Caroline’s Drinks?

At Caroline’s Drinks, all of the ingredients that we use are natural and tested to meet Australian standards. Our Pre + Probiotic soda’s are all proudly bottled in the beautiful pristine island of Tasmania, which is renowned for having the cleanest water in Australia! The water used in our drinks is pure filtered Tasmanian water.

Is there any alcohol in Caroline’s Drinks?

No. Caroline’s Drinks are proudly alcohol free.

Are Caroline’s Drinks Vegan Friendly?

YES! Caroline’s Drinks are vegan friendly.

What is the cloudy substance floating inside Caroline’s Drinks?

Caroline’s Drinks contains live cultures from the Mother in our Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Live cultures are good bacteria - which feed and nurture your gut. At Caroline’s Drinks we like to ensure that we keep all the goodness per bottle, by keeping our drinks raw and unpasteurised.

Are Caroline’s Drinks pasteurised?

Caroline’s Drinks are not pasteurised. In fact, all our drinks are raw and cold filled. This means that all the goodness from the live cultures and probiotics stay happy, healthy and strong.

How many Caroline’s Drinks can I have per day?

This one is up to you. Here at Caroline’s Drinks, we like to suggest drinking one bottle per meal.Click here for a quick guide on ACV

How much Apple Cider Vinegar is in each bottle of Caroline’s Drinks?

Each bottle of Caroline’s Drinks contains 1.5 tablespoons of ACV.

Do Caroline’s Drinks need to be refrigerated after opening?

At Caroline’s Drinks, once opened we do recommend refrigerating your bottle. The drink tastes better chilled. However it is also perfectly safe to drink Caroline’s at room temperature.

What is “the mother?”

The Mother is a living beneficial bacteria where all the goodness from ACV comes from. It is a cloudy substance composed of organic acids, colonies of beneficial bacteria and acetic acid.