our story

Hi, I’m Caroline, the founder and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) preacher behind the “Caroline’s” brand of wellness drinks. For years, I suffered from chronic gut issues, constant sugar cravings and was borderline hypoglycemic. No amount of doctors’ visits or even intrusive colonoscopies was able to give me a clear answer on what was going on with me.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and relentlessly researched how to heal myself naturally.  My journey included following just about every detox program or body cleanse, however this only developed into an unhealthy obsession that took over my ability to enjoy life as a young woman. After only experiencing intermittent relief following a hardcore 14 day fast, I knew I had to change my approach to something more realistic and sustainable.

I always knew of the benefits of ACV and started drinking it diluted in water daily. After 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was glowing, my bloating had dissipated, I was more regular and I no longer had the chronic sugar cravings I experienced since my teens.

I knew I was onto something and was adamant to help others experience the same healing I had experienced through ACV, but I knew people struggled with the taste and smell of it. I turned my home bench top into a test kitchen, and armed with natural flavours, a soda stream, dodgy blender, and a makeshift bottling and capper set-up, I went to work. The final creation was a sparkling drink supercharged with fruity tangy flavours, boosted with a 1.5 tbsp of ACV, without the sugar.

From early days of cold door knocking at health food stores and selling my drinks from the boot of my car, success soon dictated the need to scale up to where I am today, bottling in pristine Tasmania using pure filtered Tasmanian water.

My mission behind “Caroline’s” is to share the healing goodness of ACV with the world just like I experienced.

I hope you get to enjoy one of my delicious drinks soon.